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CDM Media is a leading B2B technology marketing and media firm that specializes in reaching an elite audience of CIOs and IT executives through high-level, exclusive conferences. CDM’s goal was to enhance the overall experience of both attendees and sponsors by:

  • Allowing attendees to network through messaging both before and during the conference
  • Providing each attendee with an individualized schedule, custom-tailored by CDM
  • Expanding the event sponsors’ toolsets, so that they could better communicate with attendees and tell a deeper, richer story about their own products.

In addition to meeting these goals with Gather Digital’s Interactive Package as well as the 1:1 Meetings module, CDM also improved attendee feedback through real-time mobile surveys on sessions and the event in general. By the third event in the series with Gather Digital, CDM Media eliminated the paper agenda while increasing overall attendee satisfaction. Gather Digital has provided 11 mobile apps to date for CDM Media.



The Restaurant Facility Management Association (RFMA) unites leading professionals to continually improve customer service in the restaurant management industry. The RFMA 2012 conference attracted a large number of exhibitors with a wide variety of products and services. RFMA aimed to enrich their annual RFMA conference by:

  • Helping attendees to easily understand, search, and sort through a complicated exhibitor tradeshow with over 225 vendors, categorized by almost 100 different services
  • Allowing each exhibitor to specify their representatives and communicate with attendees by messaging
  • Facilitating networking through a listing of attendees, sorted by relevant factors such as region and number of units

Using Gather Digital’s Attendee-to-Attendee messaging feature, Exhibitor Suite, and Power Filters, RFMA was able to serve the attendees of RFMA 2012 by providing an accessible mobile application that met all of the above goals and allowed attendees to network, navigate the exhibitor tradeshow floor, and obtain conference information with ease.

IDG World Expo


IDG World Expo produces and holds a variety of prominent technology conferences each year. IDG first used the Gather Digital mobile app suite for their MobileNext Forum in November 2011. They then selected Gather Digital again in January 2012 for MacIT, an IDG conference targeted at professionals that make extensive use of Apple devices in their corporations. IDG wished to make their MacIT conference an optimal experience by:

  • Allowing attendees to easily navigate and choose from the many concurrent and breakout sessions
  • Displaying a large variety of presentation materials in the mobile application for easy access by attendees
  • Respecting attendee’s privacy by allowing them to opt into being shown on an attendee list with built-in messaging
  • Showcasing the event’s sponsors in a prominent location on the mobile application
  • Providing a fully native iPad and iPhone app to reflect the conference focus

Gather Digital’s mobile application suite for the MacIT conference allowed IDG to achieve all of their goals for this conference. The app contained PDFs of all presentation materials, to be viewed easily by attendees on the go. As a result, over 90% of the conference’s attendees used the app.



SAS is a leading corporation that uses cutting-edge, innovative technologies to create analytic solutions for businesses worldwide. SAS uses Gather Digital mobile applications for a wide assortment of events, from customer-facing executive conferences to training programs to the JMP annual Discovery Summit. Each event’s mobile application required slightly different capabilities to fit the event’s purpose. For its conferences, SAS wanted to:

  • Have one platform from which to design its different apps
  • Enable networking for its attendees through attendee profiles, attendee messaging and the use of social media
  • Assist attendees of training conferences in filtering through training sessions based on difficulty level, topic, and other factors
  • Consolidate multiple events into one convenient application for one of its series of conferences that is hosted three times a year in the US, Asia and Europe

The Gather Digital Online Dashboard content management platform and the resulting mobile applications met all of these objectives. In the Online Dashboard SAS was able to allow different business and event managers design their particular conference app, with buttons and features appropriate for their event. The Premier Business Leadership Series multi-event app was able to house several SAS events in one easy-to-access application. For the training events, Gather Digital’s Power Filter capability allowed for easy sorting of agenda sessions based on a variety of factors. And attendees were able to communicate from the app using Attendee-to-Attendee Messaging and the Share This social media button that let attendees tweet, email and post to Facebook from the app. Because of the flexibility and modularity of the Gather Digital solution, SAS has used Gather Digital mobile apps for 9 events to date, the most recent of which had over 90% usage by attendees.


The National Air Traffic Controllers Association (NATCA) is one of the strongest and most influential labor unions in the federal sector. It represents more than 20,000 air traffic controllers, engineers and other safety-related professionals. The Communicating for Safety conference was the first of three meetings being organized by NATCA during early 2012. To enrich the CFS event, NATCA was looking for:

  • An integrated mobile platform that could be used for multiple events throughout the year
  • A mobile solution that offered attendees customizable schedules for more than 40 sessions in three days
  • A sponsor recognition program that allowed NATCA to highlight sponsors by creating sponsor levels, adding company logos and images and including information, such as website, Twitter feeds and descriptions

With Gather Digital, NATCA was able to reuse information across separate events while providing their attendees an event app with customizable schedule capabilities, sessions packed with speaker information, photos, locations with external and internal zoomable maps, as well as social media utilization through Twitter, Facebook and Share This with in-app email. NATCA is continuing to use Gather Digital’s mobile application for the other two conferences being held in the first half of 2012.

Harvard Business School

Harvard Business School is one of the top business schools in the United States. HBS has used Gather Digital’s mobile app solutions for their Alumni Reunions since Spring 2010. HBS’s goals for its reunion mobile apps were to:

  • Employ a platform that would let the reunion planners avoid double entry of information, such as speakers, locations, and links to resources, across the different class apps. They also wanted to reuse information from year to year.
  • Use the app to create buzz about the reunions before the event and allow alumni to register through the app
  • Customize the agenda and attendee list for each of the returning classes
  • Pull in social media, such as Twitter
  • Communicate key information and updates about their reunions effectively to a large number of attendees

Several features of Gather Digital’s mobile applications helped HBS to optimize the reunion experience. The multi-event application allowed HBS to conveniently include multiple class reunions in the same app, individualizing items such as the agenda and attendees list while keeping other information the same across the class reunions. HBS was able to include in the Gather Digital mobile app its own Twitter feeds, as well as a dedicated hashtag that let alumni tweet about the reunion. And the Message feature allowed the Alumni Department to easily correspond with all attendees using the application.

HBS will continue to use Gather Digital mobile applications for its Spring 2012 and Fall 2012 Reunions.

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