Alumni Mobile


Gather Digital’s Alumni Mobile solution helps organizations and universities put their general web site information on smart phones. When members, customers or alumni visit the organization or university web site, they are automatically served a mobile version appropriately formatted with the right navigation features for their particular smart phone (iPhone, Blackberry, any Android phone such as the Droid or Google Nexus One, Palm Pre, etc.)  Our iPhone App provides your constituents who own iPhones (or iPod Touches) with an even better experience when they download it from the Apple iTunes Store. Using the Alumni Mobile solution, your Organization will be able to deliver your institutions’ existing news/RSS feeds, twitter feeds, email communications and other resources, including requests for donations, tickets for events, and member services, directly to your constituents’ mobile devices. All while avoiding re-entering the underlying content.

Timely Info on Demand,  But No Demands on Your Time

With the advent of social networking, demands on your marketing, alumni and development offices have increased dramatically. Not only must they provide e-mail, print, and web content, but now they have to tweet about it, provide Facebook updates, and network on LinkedIn. With Gather Digital’s Alumni Mobile solution, you can leverage all this work you already do without any new time required. Our Online Management Dashboard, accessible on our site through your browser with a login/password, lets you enter your existing content sources and addresses—your RSS feeds, your twitter account, etc—and we’ll take things from there, automatically updating the mobile sites and apps. Set it and forget it, as they say.

Capitalize on the Mobile Opportunity

Smart phone, app phones, and other mobile devices have created powerful new opportunities to facilitate stewardship and development with your members, customers and alumni. With Alumni Mobile not only can you provide compelling resources, but you can reach your constituents when they are most receptive to your messages, during their "browse-time.” However, shrinking your current Web site won’t entice these anytime, anywhere users—institutions will not only need to rethink content, navigation, and functionality but also have the technology to present different views for different devices. With Gather Digital’s Alumni Mobile solution, you can leverage content from across your institution to provide the ultimate information resource for your users in just the right format. And because we offer Alumni Mobile on a “Software as a Service” basis, there is no software that you need to install, maintain or manage. We’ve designed our architecture to give you the most power for the least cost and effort.

Increase affiliation, communication and participation with Gather Digital’s Alumni Mobile solution.

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